Sunday, 6 March 2011

Building up my bankroll


This week has been very good pokerwise. I have been playing a lot, more than ever before actually. All of the days apart from yesterday have been positive, and I have a new record of best day ever: 17 buy-ins up! I'm only missing around $30 to move up in stakes, which is awesome and I should be able to do it in a couple of days unless I start running really bad. 

In case you're wondering, not all of the money in my bankroll came from my winnings at the $1.75 turbos. PokerStars has a pretty good system of getting money here and there, which ends up being really profitable if you use it correctly. And since I have my boyfriend to help me with that, I'm making the most out of it. Let's start with the first deposit bonus: you get 100% bonus of the amount you deposit for the first time, up to $600. You don't get it right away, but you unlock it slowly as you play. I would be playing a lot anyway, so it's not like I'm doing something extra to win it. An getting an extra $10 every couple of days is huge for someone playing the micro-stakes. Note however, that I completely ignore the $600 that is now into my account from my first deposit. I just pretend that it's not there and I make my calculations subtracting that amount. If I were to take it into account, I would have enough to play the $6.5s which is way out of my skill right now. The plan is to withdraw that $600 as soon as I have all the bonus unlocked.

Another way to get free money is the Stellar Rewards, which I mentionned in my previous post. Apart from that there's also the Battle of the plantets, where you just need to be a little lucky to make it into the top100 that gets paid. I think I made it during last week, although I can't be sure cause the results are still being calculated. Probably another $5 from there. Finally, there's the weekly SilverStar freeroll (well, it's not exactly a freeroll you need to pay 100 FPPs which is like the equivalent of $1). I played my first one yesterday. It had 5734 players and paid to top 1080. I finished 188th, getting $30. Not bad at all!

The amounts I mention may sound insignificant to some of you, but keep in mind that for now I am a micro-stakes player and if you sum it all up it represents a good part of my bankroll. I will keep posting about this subject in the future, cause I think it's helpful for new players like me.

Another win of the week was a sit'n'go that I played in my boyfriend's HomeGame, where I somehow managed to make it into the money. He was the one who killed me though, I went all-in with AJ from the SB and he called me with AT and got lucky. It would have been nice to stick around and eliminate him as he had a bounty on his head, but still, I am not complaining, I got my $9 and I'm happy with it :)

Finally, I'd like to share with you a funny hand from one of my sngs yesterday. One moment you're playing 8handed and then next thing you know, you're on the bubble... I know some of the players where extremely short, but still, not the kind of thing that happens everyday to see 5 people all-in:


  1. I can't see the image, nor does it appear if I click the link!

  2. @Xplicit: We had a little problem but we fixed it. Can u see it now?

  3. Somehow I can see it with Google Chrome, but not with mozilla firefox neither with internet explorer.

  4. Olá :) Adorei o blogue. Estou a dar os primeiros passos no Poker, Sit and Go também. Consegues me recomendar alguns artigos sobre estratégia? Obrigada :) Boa sorte nas mesas!

  5. Olá Di@n@! Eu não li artigos online, por isso não te posso recomendar nada disso, mas os livros que eu mencionei nos meus posts ajudaram-me bastante. Boa sorte para ti também!


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