Friday, 11 May 2012

New record & Trivia


So, two days ago I made a new record of winnings per day: $426, or in this case around 46 buy-ins! :D

Here's my graph:

The only thing I've been doing differently is that I stopped checking my cashier every five seconds. Now I only look at it in between sessions. Which is still pretty often, considering that my sessions are one hour long at the most. Then I need to stop, make a coffee, go to the bathroom or simply sit by the window and look outside. Or check blogs and random stuff (which is my favorite thing among all those above mentioned :P ). I'm not saying that not checking my bankroll constantly is the reason why I'm winning. I've obviously been running good. But I find that it is an improvement in my attitude towards the game overall. For those of you purely interested in poker stuff, you can stop reading here.

Still with me? Good. As I was saying, it's not easy to change. I still have the urge to hit that red button saying "Cashier" all the time. But I don't. I try to focus on the game only. There are of course other distractions, like André, that make it even harder. The other day, while I was playing and resisting temptation to check my results he comes next to me and asks how I'm doing. "I don't know", I replied, "I'm not checking". "Oh, ok", he says and goes to sit down in front of his computer. Then I hear him typing something on the keyboard and I know for a fact that he is looking me up on sharkscope. And then after a couple of minutes he says out loud: "Okay, you're up today!". Like, what part of I don't want to know don't you understand? Now I know that next time he asks me how I'm doing and I don't give him an answer he's going to check my results and if he doesn't say anything I'll think that I'm losing and he doesn't want to upset me... Otherwise he'd make a comment about me winning, wouldn't he? Do you see the problem here? Does that even make sense?!?!?

Women. Complicated beings. But then again, I have to give André some credit for being in the same working environment as me, even though he is messing up my effort to not check my results. You see, another thing I found out recently is that I tend to get better results when listening to music. I can't say for sure if the music helps me play better or if it just has soothing effects on my psychology and I am less affected by losing. In any case, I feel much better when combining poker with music.

Now, you may think there's absolutely no problem with that. Wrong. For starters, I have a terrible, awful voice. Just to give you an idea, I don't listen to my own voice when I sing. I don't think I could take it. I just put my headsets and hear nothing from the world outside. Apart from that, when I really like a song, I tend to put it on repeat and listen to it for the entire day. Sometimes, many days in a row. And of course, I sing it out loud. I was recently obsessed with a french song, listening to it non-stop. Imagine my surprise when one day on our way back home, André starting humming the tune almost from the beginning to the end! He has never listened to the actual song, only my version of it... At that moment, I thought I might be causing some serious damage on a subconscious level... Poor André! If he actually started singing it too, I'd be terrified! (He doesn't speak French at all, the only two words he knows are "Bonjour" and "Fromage"). Another bad habit I have is that sometimes I reminisce about my school years and start listening to boy bands from the 90's. I'm talking about the heavy stuff like Westlife and the like. And even though it's been years and years since the last time I heard those songs, I remember all the lyrics so I have no problem singing along. It got to the point where I even asked myself out loud "Gosh, how cheesy can these lyrics get?". "Yep", André said from next to me, "They're really bad!". However, I kept singing and checking how he was reacting, it took him more than an hour to put his own headsets on to block me out. If the situation was inversed, I don't think I would have lasted nearly as long. A big round of applause for André being able to work under these circumstances. I'd run away as fast as possible.

Anyway, apart from that, the rest of our daily routine has been pretty quiet. I've been playing until late recently and on Wednesday I left the office at 3:30 a.m. That basically meant sleeping util late on Thursday and when I finally did wake up I was feeling too trashed to play. Today, Friday, I haven't played at all yet and it's already 9:00 p.m. I don't feel much like playing today for some reason...

But some music will fix that! :) I'll go chose a playlist and see you at the tables!

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