Tuesday, 21 January 2014

New Year!

Hello and happy new year!

I'll admit that I have neglected my blog for the past couple of months. The last time I made a post was halfway through November (two months ago) and it wasn't even poker-related. The truth is that I haven't been playing much poker lately, so I didn't really have a lot to write about...

What have I been busy with? Well, after our trip to the Isle of Man, I got back to the grind. Unfortunately, I only managed to play two or three days before I got sick. You see, I have this master plan of catching every seasonal cold that's out there. As a result, I had to spend almost a week in bed with fever and even when the fever went away, my head still didn't feel clear enough to process poker.

When I was feeling alright again I had already lost ten days of work and had to leave for Greece, a trip that I had planned since September. I stayed in Greece until early December, spending some time with my family and friends. 

I came back to Portugal just in time for André's challenge frenzy. With less than a month left to finish the challenge, and around $60k in his account it was very interesting to watch the progress closely and see if he could make it. He finished the year with slightly less than $70k which is huge, but what is more interesting is how close it was to the $100k. I know that $30k sounds like a lot of money (and it really is), but in reality it was only a couple of poker tables away. Take for example the WCOOP Challenge Main Event: he finished at 29th place when he needed 8th or better to finish the challenge right then and there! What he did wasn't easy at all, but still he dedicated a full year of his life to it and he is donating all the money to a good cause. Not to mention, he proved that you can go very far with just $100! So regardless of the outcome I'm very, VERY proud of him!

But I'm deviating from my point. Which is, that during December I found the challenge so interesting that I caught myself staying up late in front of the computer following André's tables most often than not. And of course, if you go to sleep at 3, 4, 5 o'clock in the morning then you are guaranteed to not wake up at 9.00 a.m. to play poker. So I didn't end up playing much in December either. It became clear to me however, that André and I need to have more or less the same schedule. It's very difficult to be living in the same house with someone that wakes up when you go to sleep and vice versa. 

Towards the end of the month it was nearly impossible to get any work done... We went out of town to spend Christmas with André's family and then they came over for New Year's eve. And before I realized it... Pouf! 2013 was gone!

This year I'm going to try to keep my posts smaller and post more often. Come back soon for an update!


  1. Hi Katerina!

    I was wondering if you want to get in touch and discuss strategy for satties? I believe we both could benefit from it and improve our game.

    1. I know the coment isnt for me but I want if u re interested, I am allan sheik, I move up and had a downswing of more than -2K EV and move down again to $3,75s
      I only played 3 months of hyper turbos but I studied a lot and think I have a nice logic of the game and can benefit someone with my experience.
      doesnt mean so much but I am the #1 profit and count this year with a nice roi of 3,1% after downswing, then I can reach 3,5% or more without problem
      thanks (and katerina I open every day your blog, please keep us updated more, more than 2 months waiting a post :( good luck )

    2. Hi master-kame!

      I would probably have taken you up on your offer anytime during 2013. The timing however is a bit bad, cause this year I have agreed to work with André. I'll make a post with more details about what we're doing this year. Thank your so much for the suggestion though, maybe sometime in the future!

    3. Hello allan sheik,

      From February and on I'll try to post a lot more often than last year... Thank you for following my blog! I appreciate the support! :)

    4. Hi Katerina,

      I've really enjoyed your blog! I literally just read everything you've wrote and love it! :)

      Allan sheik and master-kame, I know you both very well from the tables and have you both labelled as good regulars! I've played about 10k games with Av.Stake around $5 with ROI of about 2.7%. I know sample size isn't huge but if either of you wanted to discuss strategy, I will be more than happy. :)

      Also please check out my blog :) I'll be updating every week (maybe even twice a week) about my hyper turbo adventures in 2014!

    5. Hi there!

      I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog, thank you for the support! Good luck with the hypers! I'll be checking out your blog :)

  2. Replies
    1. Happy new year Rainmy! May it be a very profitable one! ;)

  3. Happy new year (?) :) with one month delay. Good luck with your hypers :D

    1. Happy new year to you as well and good luck at the tables! :)

  4. why noone post the Ev adjusted with the winnings in the graph?
    I would like to see the adjusted from some reg winner

    1. I personally don't think the EV adjusted winnings are accurate enough, so I never care to check that line or post it.


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