Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Summer mood and Team Online Freeroll


June is already over and I have a guilty confession to make. I didn't work much last month. I seriously underestimated how burnt I was feeling after the SCOOP. But I'm not blaming the SCOOP alone for that, it is mostly poor planning on my behalf.

Summer mode: ON

Normally André and I plan our summer vacations for June. It's halfway through the year, it's right after the big SCOOP grind, prices for travelling are better since it's not the peak of the high season, it's just overall a better option. Apart from feeling tired and needing a vacation in June, the truth is that we prefer to be at home in July because a lot of André's close relatives celebrate their birthdays that month. And since August is just before the WCOOP, we prefer to be working and polishing our poker skills then.

This year however, we received two wedding invitations that are taking place in Greece in July. Since the two events are two weeks apart, it was sort of mandatory for us to plan our summer vacations in between. That meant that we would have to be working in June this year. "Oh well", I thought, "No biggie!".

Unfortunately it turned out to be a biggie cause neither of us felt like working in June. Personally, I didn't really grind the hypers and mostly played MTTs on Sundays. I also spent a bit of time studying and fixing spreadsheets, but I wasn't overzealous about it. 

Since I was taking time for myself, I also went to a nutritionist. From the beginning of the year and on my eating habits have not been very good and it just seemed to be getting from bad to worse. The nutritionist confirmed what I already feared: I'm the fattest I've ever been. Don't get this the wrong way, I'm not saying I'm fat but I am closing in on the top side of what is considered normal, healthy weight for me. Eating burgers and other sorts of junk food tends to do that to you. Throw in the complete lack of exercise and you get the picture.

Fruit and oat smoothie for breakfast

So I went back to eating healthy and working out. It's too soon to have any visible results yet, but after two weeks I already feel better and I have more energy. I'm actually feeling so good that I'm wondering why I messed up my healthy lifestyle in the first place.

Salad for dinner

Back to poker, I want to optimize everything so that I can go straight back to work when we come back from Greece. I've been working on my multitabling skills among others, so lately I've been playing small stakes hypers to make sure that I always get more action than what I need. If you want to play with me but don't play my usual stakes, this is a good chance for you! I must warn you though, I can't really type in the chat while trying to exceed my limit of multitabling the hypers.

Where I do get chitty chatty however is at the Team Online's monthly freeroll. And speaking of, I have 5 tickets to giveaway for July's freeroll! Staying in the eating healthy subject of this post, for a chance to win a ticket to the freeroll I'd like you to tell me what is your favorite healthy snack! I will chose 5 winners at random as usual (one entry per person please). Do not forget to leave me your PokerStars ID along with your comment. This contest will end on Friday, July 4th at 11:00 WEST.

See you at the tables! 


  1. strawberry banana smoothie! [olie03]

  2. Strawberry and milk, kind of delicious soup thingy. andriuspok3r

  3. l like switching between green grapes and cubes of cheese lol. On less healthy days, l add M&M's. Grape, cheese, M&M, Grape, cheese, M&M. #nomnom [Ashalina77]

  4. Olá Katerina289,
    Para um lanche saudável nada melhor que uma maça frequinha, se bem que também costumo comer melão fresco com um pouco de presunto que fica sempre bem :D

    Continuação de uma boa alimentação,
    Hélder Lopes [httlopes]

  5. I really like muffins with golden raisins and flax seed whole wheat dough. I recommend them for the noon meal ID: Extremun

  6. Hello Katerina.I like yogurt with wheat germ and tangerines.ID valeski 28.

  7. I often make a nice orange smoothie
    In a blender take 1 cup of ice and grind it until it is fine
    Then take 1 cup of fresh orange juice with 1/2 cup of milk and 1 raw egg
    Blend until all ingredients are combined and smooth.
    Then enjoy

  8. Hello Katerina,

    The only thing healthy that comes to my head is sushi. The other things that comes to my head make us all fat :))). ID: ricboom

  9. Sauteed summer vegetables. Granted, you have to use a little butter or oil, so not perfectly healthy. Season with a mix of your favorites.. onion, sea salt, black pepper, etc.

    I sauteed mine for about 10 minutes, while stirring in the seasonings, then lowered the heat to simmer, covered and gave another 10 minutes or so for the seasonings to work in.

    Splash on some lime juice and chow down.

    We have a small garden with squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and banana peppers growing faster than we can eat it!

    PS - no Poker Stars nickname, at least until they open back up in the USA. Just stumbled across this from your twitter feed and wanted to contribute.

    1. Thank you very much for your suggestion Coach! Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of a small garden in my city apartment, but I will definitely try your recipe with fresh vegetables from the market! Sounds delicious! :)

  10. Avocado based salad is the best! rkovari

  11. Avo and low fat cottage cheese on low GI toast :) kappie_wp

  12. While playing, I love to have carrots and also snack on wholegrain cereal. Also if I have time I blend the cereal w milk+banana for an awesome smoothie. Tasty and awesome for you [Phrumpleton]

  13. Hello,

    My favorite healthy snack are vegetables with hummus.

    Id: pappo052

  14. Hi, I'm from Brazil and I just met your blog.

    I like sandwich with low cottage cheese, lettuce, tomato, turkey breast and olive oil... Gl this month.

    id: CheckM4T

  15. Fruits are the best !!! id:Gogos1993

  16. Greek salad, yogurts.

  17. Sweet: organic dark chocolate with almonds. Salty: organic strong cheese with pear. First one gives me nice volume of energy and makes me feel pretty good. Second one - the combination of cheese and fruit - is just divine. I feel like in Italy. Which is never a bad thing.


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