Friday, 3 April 2015

Team Pro Online Freerolls Contests


Last month I had a cool idea for my monthly contests that give tickets to the Team Pro Online Freerolls. Each month, I'll have a question on a random fact about one of the Team Online members. All you have to do is guess which Team Pro Online member my question applies to. For example, the question for February's contest was "Which Team Online member is allergic to garlic?". The correct answer was Felix (@xflixx ).

I'm making this post to go a bit more in depth regarding the rules of these contests. Here they are:

1. You need to leave me your PS ID.

Some time ago, I used to consider all answers valid even if they didn't have a PS ID. The problem was that if one of the winners hadn't left me his nickname, then I had to contact them through twitter or facebook, ask them for the ID and then wait until they got back to me. Some people wouldn't see their messages right away (and in some cases it would take days), so I couldn't credit the tickets to their accounts in time for the freeroll. I'd still give them the tickets to play the freeroll of the following month, but the whole process got me stressed and had me chasing after people which is not exactly great. For that reason, all answers that do not have a PS ID will not be eligible to win.

2. Choose a Team Pro Online Member.

I feel like I'm stating the obvious, but there are often replies like "Elky" or "Chris Moneymaker". Those are indeed players sponsored by PokerStars, but they are members of Team Pro and not Team Pro Online. Since this is a freeroll for Team Pro Online, it only makes sense that we limit the possible answers to the Online members. You can find a full list here. Just scroll down to the second half of the page and look for the people whose photo is marked with "Online". You can learn more info about each member by clicking on their photo or their name. Most of the time I'll pick a tricky question that most of the people don't know how to answer, so put your imagination to work and remember... It could literally be ANYONE among the Team Onliners!

3. Make only one guess.

Some people leave me multiple comments with different guesses. They will say for example "The Team Online member who is allergic to garlic is acoimbra (UserID:xxx)" and then a bit later "The Team Online member who is allergic to garlic is Felix (UserIDxxx)". Only one entry is allowed per person, so when that happens I'll consider the first reply as valid and not count the second (or the third, the fourth and so on...).

There were also some people that made two guesses in a single comment, like "I think either you or Andre Coimbra is allergic to garlic". Unfortunately such comments have to be disqualified, cause if I count any correct answers from there it would be unfair to the people who are respecting the rules and making only one guess.

How the winners are chosen

I have 5 tickets to give away each month, so I pick 5 winners among valid entries that guessed correctly. I use for this, so that it's fair and completely random. The winners are announced on twitter and facebook. Don't worry if you didn't win, cause I do these contests every month so there's always a next time!

If you have any questions regarding the contests please leave them in a comment below this post and I'll be happy to answer.

After you do win your ticket, me and the rest of the Team Pro Online will be waiting for you at this unique tournament to chat with you at the tables and of course... Play some Poker! See you there! ;)

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