Thursday, 7 October 2010

First win!

Did I say at the previous post that I wouldn't play again anytime soon? Well, erase that. As I was studying yesterday, my coach/boyfriend told me that I should play one sit'n'go by the end of the day. Not wanting to feel as helpless as last time, I organized my notes in a better way and I opened a 9-players table. This time I didn't play two at the same time, it's too soon for multitabling I think (LOL, some people play 20 tables at a time and I'm calling multitabling playing only two! : P)

Anyway, during the early game I didn't get many good hands so I spent my time watching how my opponents were playing. And then the blinds got too big, so I started playing all in/fold poker. It worked out fine, I stole the blinds a lot of times and I won the times I got called. Then before you know it, 5 players were left. When the ones with the shorter stack went all in and my hand was decent I called, and eliminated them one after the other! So when the bubble burst, not only I was in the money, but I was also the chipleader. At heads up I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, cause that's a part of the game I haven't read that much about, but I used a principle that Collin Moshman mentions in his book "The aggressive player takes the cash". So I played agressive (at least what I consider to be agressive with my current knowledge of poker), and I won!

Ok, I'm not saying that I know how to play poker now that I won a tournament, I obviously don't. And I'm sure I made tons of mistakes while playing. But it felt nice to win, and I did feel a bit better about my plays at the early game than what I was feeling the first time I played.

As far as studying goes, I finished the first part of Moshman's book about the Low-Blind Play, and then I reread it taking notes of whatever I thought was important. Today I will move on to the second part, Mid-Blind Play. I will also play another sit'n'go. My latest instructions say I should play one per day and study the rest of the time.

That's all for now!


  1. gl in the tables. maybe i'll face you on the tables because i play in micro sng but only 18 players, i like too 9 players. bad english . go coachh xD

  2. @saxd: Thanx for the support, I hope we meet at the tables! Good luck to you too! :)


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