Saturday, 16 October 2010

Update, Sitngo Wizard & Rude players

During the week that passed it has been a lot harder for me to study Poker. I started lessons at University which means waking up at 5:50 every morning... By the time I get home I'm completely exhausted. Now add to that the fact that we received our furniture and stuff from Greece and there was a lot of cleaning to be done... and you'll have an idea of why I started falling behind. I plan to make up for it though, by spending all weekend studying Poker.

I'm still studying Collin Moshman's book. Right now I'm finishing part three, the high-blind play. The more I read of this book, the more I like it. Apart from being well written, I read in it stuff that I had heard before but nobody ever explained to me such as implicit collusion (hm, maybe I shouldn't write that word on my blog? :P), or things that were completely new to me such as the stop'n go, or the high blind limpers. I plan to finish the book by the end of the weekend.

Apart from studying, I also got to play a bit with the Sitngo Wizard. I downloaded the trial version (it's free for 30 days), and read the tutorial to get the basics. After that, my coach/boyfriend introduced me to the quiz section. He adjusted the parameters so that the program would only present me quizes about a very specific situation, and he let me do some questions. Before leaving the room, he told me I should not take more than 20 seconds to answer each one. LOL. I completely ignored him thinking that a) it's not like I could really know when exactly 20 seconds have passed and b) that time was not nearly enough for me to answer a question. So I took my time thinking about the answers, and by the time he was back I had answered around 20. I asked him for how long I would be doing that. "Until you answer 1000 questions", he said. He had to be joking! While I was arguing with my self if that was a joke or if he was for real, he added "And if when you finish your score is lower than 90%, then you will do it again from the beginning".

Since he was obviously NOT joking, I turned back to my screen and went on answering. Not only I started answering in less than 20 seconds, but after a while I clicked on the answer almost as soon as the quiz appeared on my screen. It took me around 10 hours to finish, but here is the result:

Fortunately, I won't have to do this particular type of quiz again since I scored 91.6%. The most difficult part, and where I missed most of the correct answers was when it was a situation where you go all in with any two cards. That "any two" just doesn't always make sense to me. Sometimes, in situations where for example a player has 1 or 2BB left behind, it's obvious that you should call/go all in with any two cause that player is for sure making desperate moves in order to survive. In other situations though, when things are a bit more complicated, I sometimes fail to recognize it's an "all in with any two" situation, and I fold my trash hands when I shouldn't.

After the quizes, I opened two tables. When one of them got to the bubble, the player with the shortest stack went all in. I evaluated it as a "call with any two" situation, and called with my 42s. It doesn't matter to me that the opponent revealed aces, nor that I lost the hand and a big part of my chips. What matters is that when I checked the hand on Sitngo Wizard later, I saw that it was indeed a missplay, since it was not a "call with any two" situation and I only should have done so with the best 33% of hands.

The annoying part of this story though, is that a player on my left as soon as he saw my hand was like "24?" and then "Idiot donk". Maybe he was a good player and saw that it was a missplay. Maybe he would have said the exact same thing if it was correct to call with any two just because he is a bad player and has never heard of those situations. I couldn't care less. What I do care about is that nothing gives him the right to talk like that. I hate how people sometimes hide behind their screens and say mean stuff that they wouldn't say straight in your face had it been a live tournament.

I didn't reply to that guy cause there is no point in arguing with such people. It did ruin my mood for the rest of the evening though, and I left from my computer feeling bad. Wether one is playing poker for fun or for a living, I believe that such an attitude ruins everyone's mood. And since I can't change the way some people are, I will change how I react to them. So next time a situation like that appears, I will force myself to not care or get affected cause in the end I have something these people don't: MANNERS.

How do you react to rude players? If you have any good advice, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Hi,

    thanks for the kind words u left on my blog :) really apreciated it.

    About the rude players, i just completely ignore them, unless i'm soooo tilted that i have to answer.. but that usually is rare :P


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