Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WBCOOP Event #15 NLHE Turbo [6-Max]

Hi again!

This is my third post today! Well, technically it's after midnight but I haven't gone to sleep so it counts as the same day for me! Blogging fever or what? :P

In this post I'll comment on WBCOOP event #15, a NLHE Turbo tournament that ended too soon. Hence the small post! This was a 6-Max event and the blinds were going up every 5 minutes. For an MTT tournament, this is as close as it gets to what I normally play (and by that I mean hyper-turbo satellites). So you can understand why I was looking forward to play this event...

We started fairly deep with 150 big blinds. My table seemed to be pretty passive with little action and a lot of folding going on. Again, people seemed to be friendlier than in regular tournaments. I'm starting to get convinced that it's a blogger thing! :)

There are only two hands worth of mentioning in this tourney. The first one, was during the 3rd level of blinds. I was UTG and was dealt A9o. I raised 2,5x and got called from the player on my left and the big blind. The flop was 9s-4c-Ac and that's when the mess started. The big blind checked and I bet half of the pot. The player on my left called, so far so good. Then the big blind raised to 450 chips (the pot up until that point was 850). Feeling confident with my two-pair, I called. The player on my left re-raised to 1k. That was practically an all-in for him since he only had 123 chips behind. The big blind called. Dunno if you are still following what I'm saying, but that was a lot of mess right there. My hand was strong, so I decided to do what I know best so as to clean a mess: shove. The big blind folded and I was left against one player. Guess what he had? A set of fours! :( Event tough this hand ended up to be a cooler for me (there was no way that I would get off two-pair there), the other player was shorter than me so I got to keep half of my stack.

After that I got to steal some blinds and win some small pots here and there which brought me back to the starting stack of 3k chips. In the meantime, of course, the blinds had gone up so things were getting tougher. The hand that defined my fate at that tournament though was a QJs from UTG+1. At that point my 3k chips translated into roughly 12BBs. No reason to get all cute in these situations, just shove it and hope for the best! I got called from the player on my left (again!) and the player from the small blind. They showed AQo and 99s respectively. I was behind both. Then the flop cards were revealed: 4d-Td-Js, putting me in a better position than the other two players. Turn: 2 of diamonds. All of us were holding a diamond. I was holding the  Jack, the player on my left had the Queen and the last one had the nine (duh, pair of nines!). I could lose to any ace, king, or queen that would put the player with AQo ahead, but now I also had to worry about the diamond cards. River: 5 of diamonds. And the tournament pretty much ended there for me.

I had only 66 chips left behind, got immediately moved to another table, was obligatorily all-in in the next hand with K4o and lost to someone that flopped a set.

Not what I had hopped for in this turbo tournament, but it's ok. Didn't really have luck on my side on this one, let's hope I'll do better in the rest of them!

I'll skip all of tomorrow's events, so it'll be my WBCOOP day off... Event #16 is Triple Stud which I'd have to read the basic rules in order to play so never mind, #17 is NLHE Heads-Up and heads-up is that part of the game where I think I suck the most, and #18 PLO Turbo is Omaha which I haven't played in years...

Nah, I'll gather forces for Thursday. I had event #20 on my schedule which is PLHE Turbo. Now I'm actually wondering if I should play event #19 FLHE [6-Max] instead. What do you guys think?

Anyway, that's all for now. See you soon for more WBCOOP fun!


  1. FL Holdem could be a good choice :)

    1. Hmmm, dunno, I'm leaning towards Pot Limit I think. What's your argument in favor or FLHE?

  2. Is 6-max and non-turbo, so it can be an interesting game.

    1. Non-turbo I actually see as a minus... But I couldn't decide between the two so I'll be playing them both! :)


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