Sunday, 10 March 2013

WBCOOP Event #29 NLHE [6-Max]


Today after breakfast I went for my weekly massage! What better way to get prepared for a day at the virtual tables? When I finally got to the office I was feeling super light and relaxed. I registered at WBCOOP event 29 about half an hour after it started. It had 15 minutes blinds, so no big deal. Snail pace! :P

While I may not appreciate slow blinds all that much, I certainly liked having 5 opponents at my table. When I got my seat, I took a look around and noticed that 2 out of my 5 opponents were sitting out. More dead money to steal, I guess. After registration closed half an hour later, there were 619 players registered. Biggest event of the series so far! I suppose everyone's trying to use up their tickets...

Anyway, the first hand where I got a bit of value was QTo. The cut-off min-raised. Now, QTo is not the kind of hand I'm super happy to play with out of position but that guy had been playing way too many hands, so I figured my broadway was probably good against his range. I called and the flop came 6c-Ts-9s, giving me top pair. I checked, he bet half of the pot, I called. Turn: 3 of hearts. Irrelevant card and the action of the previous street repeated. Check, bet half the pot, call. The river was Q of hearts, improving my hand to two pair. Since he was so persistent, I made a really small bet comparing to the size of the pot, in hopes of inducing a bluff. Unfortunately it didn't work and he just called. He had J9o and I won a 1,2k pot which was nice.

The next hand was against the same player. This time, he raised 3x from UTG+1. That was a bit too much comparing to his usual min-raises, but I was holding pocket Kings so I happily re-raised him. He called. The flop was 8d-2s-9h. 950 chips in the pot, so I bet 450. What did the guy do? He shoved! Calling would put me all-in, he slightly had me covered. At that point I started running disaster scenarios in my head, cause I hadn't seen him raise 3x before so I was afraid that he might be holding aces. But I won't fold such a strong overpair on a rainbow board. I called... He had 67s, of hearts. The turn was K of hearts, leaving him with way too many outs. He could hit a straight or a flush on the river. Knowing my bad luck, I prepared for the worst... River: Jack of clubs. I won

Shortly after, I got moved to a new table. Too bad, cause I was starting to enjoy having two guys sitting out. It felt like a 4-Max table, a format I played the other day and enjoyed quite a bit. The person that had the biggest stack at my new table was from Portugal. He asked if I was André's girlfriend (I get that from time to time) and we got into a friendly chat. At some point during the conversation, I got KJo and min-raised from the button against the Portuguese's big blind. He called. The flop was J-2-8 rainbow. Hitting top pair with good kicker, I went on with my standard way of playing. Not much to think of, I wasn't letting go with that board so we went on with the conversation. He called every bet I made until the river. I was curious as to what he could have, and was quite surprised to see all the chips going his way. He had 82s and hit a two pair on the flop! It's funny how I thought I was ahead all through the hand and chatting casually only to discover that he had me beaten from the start. I'm telling you, friendliest way someone took my chips ever! :P

Still, even after losing that pot I had above the average stack and was doing ok. Until I got A3s on the button. Action was folded to me and that's a nice hand to min-raise with, so I did. The player on my left re-raised me and that was not the first time that he was pulling that move. Since it was starting to become a regular thing and I was holding a suited ace, I called. The flop came Ah-8s-2h. My opponent bet 1085 chips into a 1,8k pot. This was starting to become dangerous. I was holding an ace, but I had a total of 3,7k chips behind. If I called now, I would probably get committed to the hand anyway. Then again, I was holding two spade cards, so there was also the remote chance of a backdoor flush. And the truth is, that was a very aggressive opponent he couldn't have a hand every time he cbet the flop! I called. Turn: ten of diamonds. He bet 2k. I just had to call there, even though he was putting me all-in. Unfortunately, he had AQo. The river wasn't a 3 so he beat me at the kicker. And with that hand, I was out of the tournament.

Once again, I didn't make it into the money. Also, I didn't last longer than half an hour in the tourney. But it's no big deal anyway, I had fun playing this one! The last WBCOOP event is starting in half an hour.

Time to use my last ticket! Let's see if I can make this one count... See you at the WBCOOP tables!


  1. "I'm telling you, friendliest way someone took my chips ever! :P"

    The talk we had was my best move to win this hand :D

    1. Lol, no, I insist it was the 28s... Well played! :)


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