Monday, 31 March 2014

Any Questions?


I get asked questions quite frequently, even more so since I joined PokerStars Team Online. Sometimes, the person contacting me will start with something like "This is probably a silly question, but I'd like to know..." and then they will ask me a question I've been asked a hundred times before. My point is, if you are wondering about something there are probably more people out there wondering about the exact same thing.

So far I have been answering to everyone cause I think it's important to help people reaching out to me. And I will continue to do so in the future. I've been getting so much support from other players since I started writing this blog years ago, that I'm more than happy to give advice to anyone that needs it. Yet I feel like I could do better. Take for example the question I get asked more often than any other: "What do you do with all that $t money?". Nowadays I give a short explanation cause after a certain point it feels weird to talk about the same thing over and over again, even if it's with different people.

I've been thinking about how I could optimize my time and give a more thorough answer to all of your questions. That's why I've decided to make a post (or more than one if necessary) where I answer to whatever questions you may have. I'll take my time and explain things in the best way I can, then if someone asks me the same thing in the future I can redirect them to that post.

If you've been wondering about something, now is the best time to ask! It could be poker-related or something about me that you'd like to know. Just leave a comment under this post and when I have enough questions I'll make a new post answering everything. Let my question collection begin!


  1. Η εξέλιξή σου ήταν και είναι με γεωμετρική πρόοδο κατά τη γνώμη μου. Σύμφωνα με το υπέροχο blog σου, έφτασες μέσα σε λίγα χρόνια, από το μηδέν να γίνεις επαγγελματίας(όπως πολύ σωστά λέει και ο τίτλος). Τώρα πλέον που είσαι επαγγελματίας, θεωρείς ότι θα μπορούσες να μεταλαμπαδεύσεις τις γνώσεις σου και κυρίως τον τρόπο που ανέβηκες τόσο γρήγορα σε κάποιον κάνοντας ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα πόκερ ή δεν έχεις σκεφτεί κάτι τέτοιο προς το παρόν;

  2. Hi there!
    Will you have a blog/site like Andre and the other team online have? (visual aspect)
    Are you going to run the marathon with Andre as well?
    How's the month so far... pokerwise?

    Both of you, should open a poker school! (just saying) :P

  3. Hey Katerina :)
    So i'm phil from Twitter yesterday, we talk about the T$ And about playing the hypers. You had say that You can Convert your T$, can you do it in the PS Software, or did you sell it on any Website?

    And if you had started to play years ago, i habe reader that you played the 1.7s.
    Is it possible that they're Not there anymore? I was Wartung hours today, but there were only 3.75s for sunday Storm or other 11$ tournaments.

    Thanks for your Patience at answering questions :)

  4. hi , what hud is best for 6 - 9 man hypers ? also what sort of swings might i have playing those game's thanks mark :)

  5. Any ambitions in life outside of poker?

    Do you have any routines or do anything specifically to improve your mental game/become more immune to the daily stress and swings of poker?

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


  6. How much do you earn from pokerstars under the team online mantle say per hour

  7. hey.
    are you living in portugal coz of greece s tax issues?
    being a stars team online member,whats the advantages? more fpp s?or are they paying motnhly some money? if no why you puting your picture on site and making the site s advertisement for free?


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