Friday, 4 April 2014

Team Online Freeroll Contest - May #1

Hello everyone!

I must admit, when I was writing my previous post asking you guys to send me any questions you would like to see answered in a Frequently Asked Questions section of my blog, I was hoping to get a bigger participation. I believe I got less than 10 questions total, which is very low comparing to the amount of private messages I have been getting lately! Maybe I've been doing too good of a job writing back to everyone and now all the questions have been answered! :P

Since I'm asking for your help, I thought I'd give a little something back to you. So for my next contest and a chance to win a ticket to May's Team Online Freeroll, I would like you to leave me a question that you would like to see answered in a FAQ. Let me specify that it needs to be poker-related. It doesn't need to have something to do with the game directly, you could ask me for example how I handle downswings, just don't ask stuff like "What's your favorite color?" or "What's the name of your dog?".

This contest will run for a week until Friday 11th 11:00 a.m. WET. I will choose one lucky winner at random (among valid entries). Don't forget to write your screen name after the question, so that I know who to credit the ticket to in case you win.

Thank you guys and good luck!


  1. When did you start using a hud? Also, when there are no sats available, do you ever play the regular hypers?

    Bill (diamond897)

  2. How do you control your financial expenses, being you and your boyfriend both poker players, being this is a job so unstable?


  3. Hi Katerina, first of all I believe I haven't thank you for following me back on Twitter so thank you :) I usually pay close attention to reading poker blogs like acoimbra's or frosty012's but I forgot to start following your blog too. I was wondering what is the current configuration you have on your HUD? I don't mean to copy it exactly but it's nice to see what others players use to improve my own. I play micro limits cash games but I'm trying to slowly move up stakes but last month was so bad that made take one week break to cool down. Also started reading The Mental Game Of Poker 2 (already read part 1) and I totally recomend it, great book to improve on several aspects of the game. Anyways see ya around and gl at the tables!


  4. Who, aside from your boyfriend, has had the biggest influence on your game/strategy and how? [Ashalina77]

  5. Hello Katerina:)
    Can you tell me which setup is more profitable in the long way between 6max hyper sng's and 6 max hyper Satellites and why? (Starting Blinds size and 1-2 price percentage differences).Thx!


  6. Hi Katerina I have a problem in the later stages of MTTS changing gears,how should I be picking spots. Thx [ alistair774 ]

  7. How was explaining that you wanted to be a poker player to your family and friends?? any tips?? [surfeR* 809]

  8. Hey DO you or Andre have Team online 100% first deposit bonus up to 600$ + 1000$ Team Online depistors freerool code?

  9. Good day! Thank you for follow me in twitter. And for interesting blog too.
    I'd like to ask you about one important moove in poker - fold. I try to learn make a fold then it nesessary, but it's difficult to drope KK or AA against flash dro. And very difficult if see 38Qo on flop do not call all-in. So, how often do you have same on table and how did you learn to fold?
    With best regards,

  10. It's pretty wicked to see, that the questions only come when the people get something for it.
    Instead of being happy that the team online members would also take time for someone to answer questions or give some trainings.
    I don't want anything for my questions from the previous post, and just be happy, if you would answer it. :) Thank you!

  11. And another qwestion:what MTT better with big prizes and a lot of entries orwith not so big prizes and small entries?

  12. If you could sit down and play a game of poker with any five people in the world (living or deceased), who would you pick? (somersetlad9)

  13. Here are some questions for the FAQ for the sats. I know you have answered some of these before in other posts.
    What software do you use while playing poker?
    What software do you use when studying?
    How many buyins do you need?
    How many tables should I play at a time?
    What ROI should we expect at the different stakes as we move up?
    Should you ignore your EV line?
    what % of games do you win after making it to the bubble?

  14. Boa noite Katerina, gostava de saber como fazes a seleção dos torneios a fim de obter um lucro mais prolongado e certo...?

    Obrigado(Duarte Oli)

  15. Hi Katerine829
    This is my Question:
    which one is the tournament live or Online that you wish to win? (EPT, APPT, WSOP or SCOOP, WCOOP or any SUNDAY) i leave you some options x)
    Forgot about my blog name is from my team in my school.. lol
    ID:eltrickster1 i follow you on tweeter xD pick me

  16. Ola Katerine289,

    Tudo bem? :)
    Sentes-te mais confortável a jogar SnG ou mtt's?
    Qual deste tem maior variância?
    Usas algum programa para te ajudar nas leituras (pt4 / hm)?

    Continuação de um bom trabalho e boa sorte nas mesas,
    Hélder Lopes
    ID: httlopes

  17. Katerina, what is it like to make a living from poker and whats the impact on your relationship with Andre. Has it brought you two even closer?
    (MoNT€ CRi$T0) filakia apo south africa

  18. Your contest idea is amazing! It’s just too bad I’ve stumbled upon a little late. Haha! Anyway, trying to answer the same questions all over again is a bit frustrating, regardless if they come from different people. And I’m glad that you've found a way to solve this problem. At the very least, you were able to reach out to your followers and have their inquiries answered. All the best!

    Lucius Cambell @ Skild

    1. Hi Lucius! Thank you for your comment! I actually have another contest running now, check out my latest post regarding the Sunday Million 9th anniversary promo! :)


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