Monday, 14 April 2014

Team Online Freeroll Contest May - #2


We have a winner from last week's contest! And the winner is...

Congratulations to alistair774 for winning a ticket to May's Team Online Freeroll! If you didn't win this time, no worries! The next contest is already here! So, for a chance to win a ticket I'd like you to tell me what is the thing you love the most about playing poker. This week's contest ends on Saturday 19th at 11.00 WET. I'll pick one winner at random (one entry per person please). Don't forget to leave your user ID along with your comment. Good luck! :)


  1. it's given me the freedom a full time job wouldn't do. Being able to play when i want

  2. I love the competition, the table dynamics, how to get out of trouble in hard spots always taking the best decision... and of course, I love to win! :P (5himus)

  3. I love to thinking while play. Think how to win. Poker has a lot of possibilitiesto take a chance.

  4. The most exciting poker is the uncertainty of the start of the game and becoming the same. It's an adventure every game!

  5. Playing naked while nobody knows


  6. when Someone goes all in and I have the nuts !!! :)


  7. O que mais amo no poker é a sua ciência, a paixão que existe nas pessoas quando jogam poker, as amizades que se criam num jogo. Sem dúvidas que o Poker é um jogo sem comparação.

    ID: httlopes

  8. what is the thing you love the most about playing poker? i thinks coz of mental game that make me crazy playing poker.

    ID: memiie

  9. For me the game of poker is one of Love and Hate. The love of the game comes from the winning of hands, of tournaments. From learning something new and being able to place them in your game. Most importantly of all, developing new friendship with the people you play against. This over shadows everything else.
    PS ID: gtwi

  10. I can play anytime anywhere and win money!

    ID: Killeraxa89

  11. Finding a creative solution on different problems every single hand. [ Baarluh ]

  12. I love that you can switch between playing with your cards and playing your opponent.

    ID: Wernestas

  13. That o so sweet feeling when you hit a draw!
    ID: Eli-21-12

  14. Its a fun game, you get adrenaline, you can win money and you can play it from almost anywhere!
    ID: [surfeR* 809]

  15. Love beating russians.
    ID: NaturoSasuki

  16. in the beginning was for fun and have a good time with my friends, but now is for the MONEEEY too ;) . joJOjOJOo
    My ID: eltrickster1

  17. The feeling of satisfaction when you outplay an opponent, special if its pro!:))

    ID: RailBoyGnP

  18. I love playing professional poker for freedom and meritocracy.

    It is the only job where you are free to select the hours that you work, the days that you work, you can have a break anytime that you want and you get paid as much as you deserve!

    ID: fountouris

  19. poker makes me forget my problems .
    Too many .......i live in Greece.
    δεν ηξερα που να δηλωσω

    ID Mad_geonan

  20. So many things; first the fact that this game has it all (math, acting under pressure, decision making, etc), it involves a learning process that never truly ends 'cause you should always try to improve, and the roller-coaster of emotions that comes from winning to loosing and the other way around.

    ID: mute07

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  22. feel like I'm building my personal freedom.


    I love your blog, thanks from Peru!

  23. To me poker is like living life. Poker brings all the things life offers in a fast forward mode. What you hold preflop is affected by the community cards, and you dont know what these cards will be. Uncertainty of future is presented by the cards dealt. Choices you make impact your happiness(profits) or losses. It serves as meditation as you concentrate and eventually learn to detach yourself from the illusion of winnings and losing.

    Long Live Poker

  24. Mine is definately that Feeling you get say playing a 1-2k entries MTT and you make final table or better take 1st. the feeling knowing you beat 2k players to get there unbelievable feeling..



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