Wednesday, 26 August 2015

We have a winner!


Yesterday was the end of the best contest my blog has seen so far... And one lucky guy is walking away with the big prize: a trip to Greece to go to the VIP Club Live Party!

I got several creative photos, but I could only choose one to win. The winner is from Austria. Here is his photo:

I don't even know how many times he had to jump to get the photo right. But it looks great: a wonderful scenery by the sea and someone jumping in the water in a way that it looks like flying. Amazing! I also really like the way he found to incorporate the PS logo: on his hat. It's subtle,  but it's there. And it all goes very nicely with the summer theme of the VIP Party in Athens.

So congratulations nFruit, you are the winner! Pack your bags, cause the next time you'll be jumping into the water it's gonna be in the Aegean sea! And of course, you'll have the pleasure of attending the awesome VIP Club Live Party on September 5th! See you there!

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