Monday, 5 May 2014

April Overview


April is already gone, which means it's time for another monthly overview! Last month was pretty good poker-wise. I got some hours of coaching with André which always helps. I was also a lot more serious about studying, so most of the days I spent at least an hour running calculations and reviewing hands. Starting the day with studying is great, it wakes your brain up and prepares you for a new poker session!

I found a couple of leaks that I have and I'm working on fixing them. At the same time, I feel like I'm getting a bit better at the game overall by understanding certain spots that some months ago I wouldn't even notice. And what is best about studying is that it makes you more downswing-resistant. By that I don't mean that if you study you're going to be so awesome that you won't get downswings. Unfortunately bad luck is always lurking around the corner and you can't predict when it's going to hit you. And losing always sucks, so you're never going to like it. But when you have studied for the games you're playing, then you feel more confident even when you are losing. You are okay simply because you know it's luck's fault and not something that's happening because of your poor decisions.

Moving on to how much I actually played and my results, here's my graph for April:

As you can see the month didn't start that well, but it got better along the way. The total volume was 6.1k games which is higher that March. I'm happy as long as I'm improving! You'll notice that I finished with a $1.1k profit even though my overall ROI is negative (-1%). That basically means that I was running better at the higher stakes I was playing rather than the lower ones. Here's a little more detail about my results by stakes, meaning $18s, $37s, $56s and $74s.

My main stakes are the $18s and $37s. As you can see it went pretty well at the $37s but not so well at the $18s which explains the profit with a negative ROI that I was talking about earlier. I also tried mixing up some higher stakes this month. I played some $56s and $74s. Nothing exciting results-wise but then again that's an almost non-existing sample so I'm not worried about it. Plus, I got some VPPs along the way! :)

Since it was a month where I was very focused on studying and wanted to implement in my game what I learned during studying time, I reduced the number of tables I was playing from 12 to 9. It did affect the volume and I could have played more than 6k games in the month, but I was more concerned with the quality over quantity.

Also, I'm making a collection of Sharkscope Stars. Haha, just kidding! But the Golden one you see flashing next to my name is from the Max Winning Steak. I disregarded it completely when I got it cause as I mentioned in a previous post that specific leaderboard is purely based on luck and has no skill involved whatsoever. When André saw it though, he looked pretty surprised. He told me that his best winning streak lifetime is something like 6 or 7, and that winning 8 in a row is very very unlikely. He has played A LOT more tournaments than me, so that made me more appreciative of my good luck. Running good feels great!

That's all for the month of April. We're already in May, the SCOOP month! Things are getting more and more exciting... Come back tomorrow for an update regarding my plans for May!


  1. Well done... Always moving up and learning everyday.

    Have you ever tought about publishing a website instead of a blog page, like, for example, Liv Boeree ( Email me if you're interested in something like that. Thanks :)

    1. Thanks Valko! I have thought about the possibility of a website but haven't decided anything yet. Will try to let you know when I do though! (Btw you didn't leave me your e-mail)

  2. Very nice post Katerina totally agree that a hours revision prior to a session helps you stay sharp on a session..

    Also seen you in the Team Online Depositors Freeroll, was watching a friend play it, wish id known about them when i signed up.
    The banter at table between you and Andre was funny to watch lol.

    1. Thank you! Regarding the Team Online Freeroll, a lot of the members (including me) give away tickets during the month. You just need to keep an eye out for when that happens, but you can play the freerolls too! :)

  3. how do you support yourself when your're only making $1000 a month?

    1. First of all, $1k is above the basic salary where I live. So that alone should answer your question. But to be more specific, just because I made X one month doesn't mean that I make the same amount every month. Also, you need to consider the VIP Club rewards that are important for all players but even more so for hyper grinders that spend a lot on rake.


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