Tuesday, 6 May 2014

SCOOP Frenzy and attempt at a personal record


It's that wonderful time of the year again! All poker grinders are looking forward to the SCOOP. With so many events running and for all budgets since there is a Low, Medium and High tournament for each SCOOP event, I think I don't need to explain further why this month is awesome.

Since I grind the hyper turbo satellites at PokerStars, the arrival of the SCOOP for me means extra satellites running pretty much all day long. More games available, increased traffic, it doesn't get much better than that! So I was thinking... What can I do to make this even better?

That's when I got the idea of making a challenge during the month of May. What if I go for 50k VPPs in a month? To some of you that may not sound that impressive, especially if you are high stakes players or hyper  mass-multitabling grinders. But I'll tell you this: for someone who's 9-12tabling mid-stakes 50K VPPs in a month is a pretty big deal.

Also, the biggest amount of VPPS I ever got in a month was 47k. That was back in December 2012 when I remembered at the last month of the year that I wanted to make it to Supernova! I made it in the end, after putting in a lot of volume and running crazy good. After that, however, I never tried to push myself to the limits again and went back to my regular routine. Lately I have been earning around 1,5k VPPs per day. If I pushed myself a bit I sometimes made 2k. In order to make 50k VPPs in a month which will be a new personal record, I calculated that the pace is 2.500 VPPs per day. That's tough.

Apart from my determination to spend a lot of hours in front of the computer, whether I make it or not will also depend on other factors. The first one is how the traffic will be at the tables. Will there be a lot of people playing the satellites? I think so, but at the same time I'm not going to join a game with 5 regulars. Therefore, I need to find a balance between playing enough games to earn my daily goal of VPPs while at the same time not playing games that are marginal or not profitable for me. And then there's luck... Right now I'm doing pretty well and my bankroll is constantly growing. If however I get very unlucky during the month and I'm forced to cut my higher stakes (aka $56s and $74s) I'm not sure if I can still beat my personal record.

So, when people are asking me what SCOOP tournaments I'm going to play, I say "None". But don't let that fool you! I'm still taking full advantage of the SCOOP frenzy! Plus, there's always those unexpected times where I'll forget to unregister from a tournament that I was playing the satellites for. Last Sunday for example, I won a $74 satellite to a $215 satellite for SCOOP-03-H (Yeah, I was playing a satellite that gave entry to another satellite!). Although I bubbled at the second satty (which made me tilt rather badly and forced me to take Monday off), I almost got to play a $1k tourney for as little as $74. That's another reason why I think the satellites are such a great value...

Anyway, here we go! Goal for May: 50k VPPs! I started the month with 67k VPPs so I'm basically trying to do in a month almost what I've done this year so far! Lol! But even if I don't make it, I should still be able to reach 100k points for the year and renew my Supernova status for 2014.

That's all for now, got to make some VPPs! See you at the tables!


  1. Good Luck!
    How many tables you play in same time?

  2. Go, go, go, go, go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........................



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